VAD is striving to improve the welfare of its employees.

Medical checkup

We provide comprehensive health checkups every year for employee health.

Overseas Workshop

Workshops will be held overseas in the first half and second half.

Cellphone charge

We support mobile phone bill for convenience


Employees are supported for meals.


Dormitory support for employees who have difficulty in getting to and from work.

Expenses for congratulations and condolences

Expenses for congratulations and condolences


Employees have group insurance.


We select and reward excellent employees


We support educational expenses to improve self-development.

Club Activities

We support various club activities.

Welfare Point

We support a certain amount of welfare points every year.

Service Allowances

Service allowances are paid according to years of service

Holiday support

Cash and gifts support for Lunar New Year & Chuseok

Vacation cost support

VAD supports a certain amount of vacation cost each year